No More Nonsense!

Bridgette Rants and Raves

Day 7: I’m sorry…it’s been so good I missed another day

So yesterday I got a call from a potential account I had pitched several months back and they asked if I could submit a proposal for them on a graphic design project. After all this time…all my trying and material sending, I only got a meager reply and then months later they called and initiate it themselves. Thank you Universe!

Ahhhhh….even better news! I kissed a boy!!!! And a good one. Don’t get excited, though. I get bored quickly. But man, that dry spell had me checking out the ladies so this is definitely good news.

Back to the point: this remaining in a state of gratefulness thing was tremendous.  It wasn’t about being fake happy. It was about focusing on the things that made me real happy and not focusing so much on the other things. Usually we do this in reverse. We can have a really great day and then let one bad moment that’s mildly trivial ruin the entire day (see my day 2). And when our mood changes, our outlook changes. When our outlook changes, the things we attract to us change as well. So this whole week, I focused on attracting good and so that’s what I got!

If you didn’t do it with me, do it now. Tell me what happens!

This is definitely a habit I want to keep up.


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