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Gratefullness Day Two: “Son of a Biscuit!”

So I’m 24 hours into this remaining in a state of gratefulness thing and, damn it’s hard to not let other people upset your mood.

I was feeling super all day! Way focused on being happy, had some really great things happen, got to talk to some old friends, wonderful, wonderful day. Then one text message screwed up my whole mood.

I was sitting in my new place (yay!) getting some work done and I emailed my new landlord whose condo I had just taken possession of six or so hours earlier. I thanked him and told him how excited I was and said I hope he enjoyed the rest of his week. I cc’d the two realtors who put it all together and thanked them in the email as well. He replied back to me that he was glad I was happy and that he would contact me when he was in Vegas next so we could meet. I said that was great and that I looked forward to it.

No problems right?

Five minutes later I get a text. “Send a pic so I know what you look like.” I’m thinking ‘who the hell is this.’ I’ve been doing a bit of online dating but I have only given my number out once or twice but I do not recognize this number. Something inside says look at the realtor email. Sure enough where the realtor had listed the owner’s info was the number that I was receiving this text message from.

A little background: he and I had only spoken once and it was on this very day a few hours before I moved in. No texts no other talking except a confirmation email from him regarding lease terms.

So I’m a little thrown off but I know how I tend to over analyze, so I decide to take control of the situation (my new thing) and protect the professional relationship without hurting his feelings. So I write back saying, “Tell you what, I have a website about myself coming out next week and I’ll send you a link when it’s ready.”

He writes me back: “I have your drivers license.”

Okay. This guy definitely just crossed the creepy line and there goes my state of gratefulness for the day.

I try to not over-react still and I do not want to piss off the guy who owns my house (which the sheer fact that he is putting me in this position is really, really, really making me angry). So I keep it light and write back, “shoot, you are right. I forgot :)” Hoping this would be the end of this conversation.

Not even close.

So he writes me back, “So text or email me a nice one.”

I am immediately almost in tears and I am terrified.

Here I am way happy about being in this new place and how beautifully it all flowed together…sitting in my new living with my tasty glass of wine, surrounded by boxes, working on the Haute Chix website and loving every second of it and here comes this guy fucking it up (excuse my English).

So here I am, stuck between a rock and a hard place. How do I stand up for myself so I do not feel “lorded over” by my landlord, and make him leave me alone without offending him?

So I write back “I am feeling very uncomfortable” to which he responds, “ok.”

Okay! He’s got it. Just a lonely rich guy who saw a cute young beauty queen and wanted to give it a shot. Did I consider becoming his “lady friend” so I could stop paying rent for a while? Okay, you got me. But I know that kind of lifestyle comes with a price and I have worked too hard for too long to even thinking about going “there.”

So, back to work and wine! After all, this guy isn’t a Vegas guy, Bridgette. He’s a Texan, my hometown. Plus the realtor guy told me how nice and easy to work with he is so he’s just trying to be friendly and get to know me a bit, right?

New text: “what’s your website.”

Oh my gosh. Goal: be polite but end this conversation.

“It’s a new site for my new title so it’s not online yet. I’ll send you a link when it goes live.”

Are we done now?



Alright, back to sipping and worki-

“Are you on FB?”

Son of a biscuit!

And that’s it. No response from me.

So now here I lay, the sun is rising on day two of my one week of staying in a state of gratefulness and I’m reliving this tale from last night that basically bitch-slapped me into feelings of fear and vulnerability. I tried to pep-talk my way out of it last night but it was rough and I was tired and I kept trying to minimize in order to help myself get over it, but re-counting it to you here now helps me see why I could not just let it go. He definitely crossed a line.

What do you think?

Looking forward, today is fully of good deeds and wonderful times. I had decided yesterday that today I was going to celebrate the new place and just have fun all day and go meet up with my buddies and have wine and be happy and enjoy this moment because I usually let the good moments pass by.

It’s going to take some pushing but I am going to get to a place where I can keep that plan today. I am still giving the universe seven days of gratefulness and, damn it, I am not going to stop for anyone!

If you haven’t started yet, come rock it with me.

I guarantee the day will soon come that I will be glad this guy did what he did (remember not being upset over anything that happens? Such an important skill).


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One thought on “Gratefullness Day Two: “Son of a Biscuit!”

  1. This very blog shows how strong you are as an individual and how intuitive and smart you are. You remained calm and handled what could have been a very tough situation. Your brutal honesty about things you thought about doing and sharing your past history shows you’re growing. Apparently, the state of gratefulness works for you. Keep it up into 2012!

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