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“Give The Universe Seven Days”

ImageIs it just me or do we seem to get further toward our destination when we stop pushing so hard?

Last night I had a law of attraction style thinker {WAIT! Keep reading…give it a sec} talk to me about “the secret” and the state of gratefulness.

Pre-conceived notions aside, I do have to admit that the natural flow of help when I’m not acting all tunnel visioned is definitely spot on. Today, in fact, I am moving into a glorious villa that I in no way prepared for myself. I wasn’t even looking for it, even though I really wanted it, “the Universe” brought it straight to my door and I’d bet my boots that its appeared right now, at this particular time for a reason (sorry for the boot reference).

But think about it. I’m sure you’ve had a flow of circumstances and connections come together in a way that you had absolutely no hand in, did not seek out proactively, but totally desired on the inside and found to be a priceless asset in the near thereafter.

So it’s hard to deny that there is something to this idea of relaxing yourself, continuing to do what you want to do, but doing it because you absolutely love it, not because you feel pressured to do so.

Another important thing the lady spoke was about business owners who sell from a state of desperation.

We’ve all met them at a networking event (or twelve). They never say it but you can feel the desperation radiating off of them. It’s sort of like, ‘if I don’t sell a set of encyclopedias tonight, I’M SCREWED!”

The sad part is, even if we may have been remotely interested in what they were sellng, all we can see and feel now is that state of desperation and it is a distraction and a turn off from any sort of potential, profitable interaction.

Can’t deny that.

So I’ve made a decision. I’m going to give it a shot!

A one week trial of opening up to the Universe and letting it bring me the things I want and need in order to get to where I want to be.

Will you join me?

Meditate and breathe with me in a state of gratefulness. LOL. Seriously. This could totally change us for the better.

Here’e s the exercise she gave to help you get there mentally: Imagine you are on an airplane going across the Pacific Ocean. The plane is packed and suddenly the pilot comes over the speaker and announces there is a fatal problem and the plane is about to go down.

Seriously. Imagine it for a moment….

How do you feel, what are you thinking about, what’s your one greatest wish? Your greatest regret…?

This is it.

So the plane goes down and everyone drowns and dies in the crash. Except for you. Wow.

Holy crap, you have this whole new respect for life. You’ve got a second chance in the world. My God, you’re alive!!!!

Now you’re in the perfect state of a sense of gratefulness. Really take the time to consider that, really, you have a blessed life and there is nothing that cannot be overcome and, thus, nothing that needs to be complained about. Sure there are some extenuating circumstances, but let’s not go to extremes. Let’s focus on the fact that at this very moment, you have all the tools you need to get exactly what you want. Be grateful for them. Change your state of mind from desperation and fear, to gladness and excitement.

Let’s give the universe seven days and let’s watch and see what it gives back to us.


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